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A highly-biased, fairly lame selection of entries in the Wonderfest '98 model competition. Apologies to all who submitted terrific superhero, horror and other pieces -- pix of these are no doubt featured on webpages of people with interest in those genres. I promise I'll do better next year.

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Behind that big annoyingly placed Spielbergraptor is Larry Brackney's terrific Gojira vs. King Ghidora. Great kit, great subjects, great buildup!

Here's the movie raptor again, posed on a totally out-of-scale triceratops skull. A nice paint job.

Charlie McGrady's models very nicely built-up and painted -- a hulking Utahraptor pursues an ankylosaur.

Another McGrady piece, this is a stand-alone Utahraptor. A nice job. Scott Johansen's old-style Godzilla stands rather perplexed to the right.

Yet another McGrady piece in the dinosaur entries -- his Albertosaur (Gorgosaur?) is fended off by a Styracosaur. The base, sadly not visible here, was terrific. Godzilla yucks it up to the right.

Another one of those gorilla-armed movie raptors from Horizon. It's a very fine kit of the movie monster but the kit is way off the mark of a real velociraptor/deinonychus. A horde of little Toho monsters skulk around the fringes.

Amazing scratchbuilt sci-fi babe/monster piece. The creature this female warrior is riding is awesome.

A polyglot of sci-fi/horror/fantasy stuff: visible kits are Mars Attacks alien, REAL Alien on Pedestal, Borg Queen bust, Jason from whatever those slasher flicks are (Friday the 13th?), Elvira looking sultry as usual, Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Dan Perez's sparring warrior bugs from Starship Troopers -- very cool. You can also see his Mangalore bust from The Fifth Element to the left.

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