A review of Mike Trcic's 1/35th scale Tyrannosaurus rex resin model.

Image used with permission. Image and model copyright Mike Trcic.

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Mike Trcic is well-known for his work on Jurassic Park. He sculpted the Tyrannosaurus model used by Winston Studios as a maquette (scale model for reference when constructing something larger) for their full-size animatronic robots; ILM used versions of Mike's model for the CGI as well. We owe Mike a lot for the accuracy of the Tyrannosaur as depicted in the movie -- Mike stood up for an accurate portrayal when a King Kong-esque Tyrannosaur threatened to make the movie a laughing-stock (some say it is anyway). Ever the perfectionist, Mike insists that despite his victory on the rex front his JP creation is still only about 65% accurate. Looks good to me!

But what do I know?

Well, one thing I do know is a model with first tier production values, and Mike's 1/35th scale Tyrannosaurus rex is just that. What a beautiful kit Mike offers! The skin texture is flawless and really very convincing, and the overall look is impressive and realistic. It is a huge, powerful animal in the midst of a full-scale strike upon an extremely unfortunate prey animal!

The kit arrives cleanly cast in six pieces (the main body, the two legs, the tail, the lower jaw and the stone base). The animal's famously tiny forelimbs are sculpted laying across the chest (current reconstructions indicate that the forelimbs were positioned in that direction rather than held down as is often portrayed), tucked out of the way to avoid injury. This sort of relief effect doesn't always work, but in the hands of a skilled craftsman (as is the case here) it works just fine.

This model requires a little experience with modeling in resin to construct. Those who might question the ability of a six-ton animal to kick its leg up *quite* that high may want to consider mounting the animal on a base representing flat ground instead of atop the supplied boulder and then apply heat with a heatgun to change the angle of the right "ankle" a bit -- that ought to do it. In other words, don't let a little interpretation issue like this keep you from this great kit!

Altered as described above or built as Mike intended, this is an enormously impressive model that'll just take your breath away when your take it from the box! Bravo Mike!

Now where's the model of the Triceratops it's trying to eat? Mike has indeed considered creating a Triceratops to go with the Tyrannosaur. I hope he does -- this is a classic confrontation that sculptors have shied away from lately. If the Tyrannosaur is any indication of what the Triceratops will look like, this pair would make for an incredibly dynamic diorama!

Trcic Studio also offers a resin wall-mount of the head of a Styracosaurus in 1/10th (another beautiful job, although head-only and bust kits aren't my thing), and a nice-looking Dromaeosaur running past a marsupial in a bush (again, looks just terrific -- will have to get me one!). For the seriously deep-pocketed, Mike has more terrific dinosaur sculptures in bronze.

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