Science fiction and fantasy-inspired models in resin, vinyl, styrene, or whatever other material the manufacturer can conjure up!

UPDATE: JUNE 5, 1998

This page is under massive construction, and probably will be for some time. Check back often for additions!

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Dan Perez's Warrior Bug from STARSHIP TROOPERS -- an accurate kit of the ferocious, single-minded alien warrior!

A review of the Wonderfest '98 model show!

A review of Revell-Monogram's new Babylon 5 Starfury (whatever that is) by Steve Harvey!

AMT/ERTL provides a heavily armed Klingon Bird of Prey scout vessel that is actually not a horror to build!

Fiendish Frank Cahall, the "Fatman," unleashes a horrific dragon on an unsuspecting world! Lock up your daughters!

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