A review of David Krentz's vibrant and artful dinosaur sculptures.

David Krentz's dynamic 1/18th scale sculpture "Judith" depicting a Gorgosaurus libratus. Image and model copyright David Krentz; used with permission.

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David Krentz has been working for years on Disney's DINOSAURS, a monumental dinosaur art job if there ever was one! Let's not consider the probable content of this movie here, dear reader; one result of his work with Disney has certainly been to hone his paleolife art skills!

One indication of this, seen in the image at the top of the page, is his first sculpture made available in resin for purchase by the modeller. Titled "Judith," it depicts a Gorgosaurus libratus, a lithe tyrannosaurid about 20-25 feet long, in pursuit of prey. She's named after the geological formation in which Gorgosaurs are found: the Judith River Formation of North America.

By the way, David says that he named her "Judith" for fear that she'd be placed back into genus Albertosaurus, a not-unheard of occurrence in paleontology! But it's unlikely that G. libratus will be taken out of the Judith River fauna!

I'm very impressed that David has rendered the animal so accurately. Many sculptures of Albertosaurs are simply miniaturized versions of Tyrannosaurus rex, whereas Albertosaurus had its own set of unique anatomical features, particularly on its skull, that should really stand out in a quality kit. And they're all here. I still recall taking this impressively large kit out of the box and just staring at the head for about twenty minutes. It's a thing of beauty.

And thanks to veteran dinosaur model caster Mike Evans, it's beautifully cast as well! Pieces appear to fit together with minimum work, although a little experience with resin modelmaking will definitely come in handy here: This is a large piece and some pinning of parts will be required.

There are those who will object to this much activity displayed in a multi-ton terrestrial biped and who accordingly prefer less dynamic poses; I am a fence straddler on this issue and happily have both types of model in my collection. It's interesting to compare this Gorgosaur with Greg Wenzel's beautiful Gorgosaurs! Two very different interpretations of portraying the physics of this animal -- both done to the highest standards of art!

John Rafert's review of this piece on "Dinosaur Art and Modeling" points out a controversial but easily-adjusted decision on David's part -- if you're interested, click here to see more on this.

When you buy this piece, be sure to give special attention to painting the eyes. David claims that pose and eyes are key, with skin texture (here: some scutes and the like in the otherwise-wrinkly elephant skin typical of most resin dinosaur sculptures) and anatomy coming further down in terms of his priorities. To be honest, I am a bit skeptical of the claim that he doesn't pay full attention to skin texture and anatomy (elephant skin notwithstanding). So do a good job on painting the eyes or David will depict a lemur with your face on it! (Don't worry, it's an inside joke.)

Coming down the road from David will be an Einiosaur young adult male (available very soon -- I've seen a picture of it, and it's beautiful!) and three pieces to accompany "Judith": two juvenile tyrannosaurs, Judith's offspring, following her in pursuit of a young pterosaur! Sounds like a terrific diorama.

David has also done some very striking paintings which have been reproduced in black and white in Prehistoric Times.

Judith is available directly from David Krentz. At $120.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling in the U.S. (prices as of August 20, 1998) for a 20" long piece, it's as affordable as it is beautiful! (I've seen some recent 1/35th scale dinosaur pieces for more money than that.) Remember that David is not Tamiya and these pieces will not be cast forever! Get yours today, as the commercials insist.

Contact him at:

David Krentz
25853 Anzio Way
Valencia, California 91355
Phone 1-805-222-9358
(See e-mail below)

Tell him Larry sent you and get a free beverage!

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