A quick way to get into Kaiyodo's website -- and see their online Dinoland offerings.

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Those familiar with dinosaur modeling will recognize Kaiyodo's name -- Kaiyodo has made a serious commitment to providing a wide range of dinosaur models in both resin and vinyl in a variety of scales. They give the collector the option to build and paint the item or to purchase it completed by Kaiyodo. While some of the models are showing their age a bit, they're still interesting and well crafted pieces.

Now you can see their dinosaur line, called "Dinoland," online. Kaiyodo has set up a website which I must say is a bit of a maze, so I'm giving the url to the Dinoland page here for your convenience:

Kaiyodo's Dinoland Page.

As of the date of this page's creation, there were only six models on the page, but this should increase over time, as Kaiyodo has a vast and always-increasing dinosaur line. Enjoy!

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