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Winner of the Oceans of Kansas Paleontology Leapin' Mosasaur Award! Thanks Mike Everhart!

Winner of the Dan Perez Studios Cool Site Award! Aw shucks Dan!

Thanks to Anne Dunn for awarding me with Alex Dunn, born May 1, 1997!

Get that thing away from me or I'll gobble ya up.  Heh heh -- a little levity.

Well, hello there. I'm an Ora, known to some of you Western types as a Komodo Dragon. I've permitted Larry Dunn to use the name of one of my ancestors, Megalania prisca, as his handle and as mascot for his home page. While at ten feet long I'm currently the largest lizard in the world (thank you ladies and gentlemen), my ancestor Megalania was over twice as long as me and weighed more than a ton. Now that's a big lizard, folks.

I'll keep an eye on Larry's site (yes, giant lizards do have web presence) and eat him if the website begins to slip. Now please excuse me; I'm off to scavenge a boar carcass. See ya.

Here's where I live. Is it any wonder that I get nauseous sometimes? Stop this crazy thing!

This page serves as a central gathering place for links to pages I've constructed on the World Wide Web. Each may in turn be sub-divided as appropriate. The links are below.

As you'll see, my interests are . . . well, to be kind to myself, I'll just call them varied. You may want to just bookmark a page or pages of interest to you rather than this homepage.


There's little here now, but the number of pages will increase over time. Come back and revisit to see new pages!

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