Reprinted articles about dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution from leading media sources.

Text reprinted in toto as published/distributed.

Copyright 1998 Truett Garner. Used with permission.

This terrific image of Velociraptor was painted by the very talented paleolife artist Truett Garner. Click here to read more about Truett and his work!


June 23, 2000: Longuisguama -- a little reptile that disproves the dinosaur ancestry of birds?. From The New York Times.

December 16, 1998: A look at convergent evolution. From The New York Times.

July 31, 1998: Life on Earth -- cooked up in ancient volcanoes? From The New York Times.

May 13, 1998: Great new evidence for Madagascar theropod Majungatholus unearthed! From M2 Newswire.

May 12, 1998: Say g'day to the newest Aussie dinosaur, Ozraptor! From AP Worldstream.

May 1, 1998: fossil dinosaur trackways from the Mid-Jurassic are discovered in Wyoming -- what could they mean to dinosaur science? From The Salt Lake Tribune.

April 30, 1998: Utah loves former resident Allosaurus fragilis. From The Deseret News.

March 20, 1998: A description of "Rahona" (Rahonavis), a primitive bird ancestral to theropods. From Science.

April 29, 1998: were almost all of the mammalian orders in place before the dinosaurs became extinct? Genetic studies suggest just that. From AP.

April 29, 1998: a profile of Karen Chin, the Coprolite Master. From AAP.

April 26, 1998: a very thorough article on Sue as a centerpiece of the Field Museum's increased effort to infotain the Windy City. From the Chicago Tribune.

April 22, 1998: Is the Nautilus a "living fossil?" A wonderful article from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

April 19, 1998: What do Hypsognathus skulls have to tell us about the great Permian extinction? From AAP NEWSWIRE.

April 19, 1998: Discovery of a new Chasmosaurine dinosaur. From The Ottawa Citizen.

April 18, 1998: Much new conjecture about dinosaur behavior! From New Scientist.

April 16, 1998: News of a new Giganotosaurus site in Argentina: were dinosaurs pack-hunters? From AAP NEWSWIRE.

April 16, 1998: Were theropods a flop at hunting?

April 1998: News of a candidate for earliest bipedal reptile. From Discover.

April 16, 1998: Sue the T. rex stays Sue the T. rex. From PR Newswire.

April 15, 1998: The first publicly-displayed Cryolophosaurus skull can be seen at COSI in Cleveland, Ohio. From The Cleveland Dispatch.

April 14, 1998: Were the origins of singled-celled life even more complex than previously thought? From the New York Times.

April 12, 1998: Dinosaurs -- humped like camels? From the Sunday Times (London).

April 10, 1998: an early mammal fossil is found in China. From the Xinhua News Agency.

April 8, 1998: two pterodactyl fossils are found in Japan, one possibly a new species. From Japan Economic Newswire.

April 8, 1998: an interview with prominent paleobotanist William D. Tidwell. From the Deseret News.

April 6, 1998: News of an international expedition to explore an Antarctic lake which may hold 30 million year-old remains of animals. From the Patriot Ledger (reprinted from the Guardian).

April 4, 1998: a fossilized whale is discovered in Taiwan. From the CHINA NEWS.

March 19, 1998: A discussion of Rahona, Shuvuui and the dinosaur-bird connection. From the San Francisco Chronicle.

April 5, 1998: Some 2,000 dinosaur eggs found in Spain. From the Xinhua News Agency.

March 31, 1998: Astrodon the state dinosaur of Maryland? From the Baltimore Sun.

March 29, 1998: Scotty the T. rex article from the Ottawa Citizen.

March 26, 1998: Scipionyx samniticus article from the New York Times.

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