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News about a large number of dinosaur eggs found at a site in Spain.

Below article from Xinhua General Overseas News Service reprinted for fair use purposes only -- copyright acknowledged.

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Copyright 1998 The Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua General Overseas News Service

April 5, 1998

2,000 fossilized dinosaur eggs found in spain

DATELINE: Madrid: spanish paleontologists have found, in the northwestern part of the country, some 2,000 fossilized dinosaur eggs dating back about 65 million years ago.

Unearthed by workers on a road project near the city of Lerida in Catalonia, the fossils were the third largest finding of the kind after those in Australia and China, said media reports here.

Working carefully to excavate the fossils, the paleontologists are planning to send up to 30 of the eggs to a research institute for further archeological study to pinpoint their age. They are reportedly repairing two eggs for public exhibition possible in at least six months.

They have also discovered footprints left by gigantic reptiles in Catalonia and La Rioja, of Northern Spain, indicating that the animal roaming across the area in the Mesozoic Era had four feet, a big tail and a long neck.

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