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Images and models copyright Dan Perez. Used with permission.


A review of Perez Studio's 1/20th scale Warrior Bug.

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Paul Verhoeven's STARSHIP TROOPERS is probably the most interesting sci-fi take on "ZULU" ever made, with more than a little satire aimed at American gung-ho war movies to boot. Phil Tippett's fearsome Pseudo-Arachnids are virtual living engines of destruction. And there's something oddly virtuous about the bugs -- unlike the vacant Beverly Hills types playing the humans, the bugs are utterly fearless and when they're not killing they shut the hell up! I rooted for the bugs. (Actually, here's a news flash: you were supposed to.) As a modeler I was very disappointed to hear that the company with the license for the movie had gone belly-up.

Luckily for us, Dan Perez was equally taken by the images of these Arachnids and took the time to meticulously sculpt the rank and file warrior of the Arachnids, done in 1/20th scale (see the movie and you'll realize that this is not a small scale for the bug!). Due to favorable response to his sculpture, modelers can now purchase a cast of Perez's original sculpt. Amazingly, each and every joint is articulable, with ball and socket connections making the kit completely flexible in pose (of course, you'll need to decide which pose you want before you build it!). It can be displayed fearsomely jumping, crouching, running or whatever else you want it to do.

Dan Perez took advantage of his own kit's posability when he created his Bugs At Play diorama, recreating the terrific little scene from the movie when two warriors playfully spar moments before they and their swarm are obliterated by good old human technology on planet Tango Urilla.

This diorama won a bronze award at the 1998 Wonderfest Modeling Show. Congratulations Dan!

Incidentally, people who worked on the movie have seen Dan's model and mistaken it for an original maquette from Tippett Studios! Quite a testiment to the accuracy of the kit.

I was a major fan of Phil Tippett's amazing creations and Dan knew this so he provided me with a copy early (no freebie; I bought it myself!) -- Dan had cast mine himself and there's a bit of flash on the kit; the piece I received will require a little clean-up and some resin modeling experience (which I have). Dan informs me that the bugs are now being cast with some white metal parts, and are available through his model company, Dan Perez Studios.

It's big, it's cool, it's fully posable. I recommend it! Now get started on that 1/20th scale Tanker Bug, Dan!

Get one for $149.00 (plus $6.00 s/h) from:

Dan Perez Studios
P.O. Box 980987
Houston, TX 77098

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