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News that theropods took a spill now and then.

Below article from The Daily Telegraph reprinted for fair use purposes only -- copyright acknowledged.

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The Daily Telegraph
Copyright 1998 The Daily Telegraph Limited

April 16, 1998, Thursday

Pg. 13

Dinosaurs a flop when it came to hunting

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

TWO-legged dinosaurs suffered bone-crunching belly flops when they tripped and fell while chasing their dinner, an X-ray study has revealed. The study of a razor-toothed dinosaur called Allosaurus shows fractures consistent with a spectacular belly-flop on hard ground while running.

Dr Bruce Rothschild, of the Arthritis Centre of Northeast Ohio, believes the fractures are evidence that not all large two-legged dinosaurs - Allosaurus could weigh three tons - were the sluggish creatures some experts suggest, reports today's New Scientist. In 1995, it was suggested that the running speed of the much larger Tyrannosaurus rex was limited because a fall could prove fatal. So far studies of T rex skeletons have not revealed bone breaks characteristic of a forward fall. But the lighter Allosaurus may have been able to trip over and recover after cracking a few ribs. An unusual rock formation on the southern coast of Australia has boosted claims that some dinosaurs survived in temperatures as low as minus 30C, New Scientist said. The formation dates from 115 million years ago when the area was close to the South Pole.

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