Information about the expert casting services provided by Mike Evans, no stranger to the dinosaur and science fiction modeling hobbies!

Mike Evans' casting service, The Alchemy Works, is casting Tony McVey's spectacular "Ymirosaurus" among other notable projects.

UPDATE: March 29, 1998

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Anyone with experience in dinosaur or science fiction modeling probably remembers the first time he or she saw a Lunar Models kit. I remember my first: Bob Morales' Tyrannosaurus vs. Velociraptors. I was amazed, and ran out to sell the kids to buy a copy.

It was the first resin dinosaur kit I'd ever seen. Mike Evans gave many people that experience -- the "oh my God" rush of seeing a kit of something you'd never imagine anyone would have the guts to bring to market.

The classic Lunar dinosaurs and science fiction kits live on, although Mike is no longer associated with them. Mike has a fine new line of prehistoric animal models, Evans Prehistorics, which continues to provide really interesting subjects.

Additionally, Mike has brought his vast experience and know-how in the casting process, gained dealing with the casting of the huge Lunar line of kits, to a new venture, The Alchemy Works. Mike is making his casting skills and factory available to sculptors who wish to sell quality castings of their creations to modelers.

When I look at one of Mike's casts I can truly believe that there is Alchemy being practiced in Texas. For instance, his Postosuchus and Desmatosuchus piece is cast perfectly, each piece is beautiful condition, each tooth sharp. I haven't been able to spot a single bubble hole.

Current high profile projects include Tony McVey's "Ymirosaurus" and David Krentz's Gorgosaurus. If you'd like to contact Mike about his casting services, he may be reached at:

The Alchemy Works
c/o Mike Evans
POB 773
Cleburne, Tx 76033
Phone: 817-517-5968
Fax: 817-556-2641

Please note that I am not affiliated with Mike Evans or The Alchemy Works.

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