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A link to a website that produces a strange version of my weekly e-mail message to the dinosaur mailing list, DINOSAUR TV WEEK.

Kill your television.

This Megalania page has been visited times since July 14, 1999.

Every week your humble webmaster does a search of a downloadable database of U.S. television programming looking for TV shows concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution. I pop the results into a little e-mail package referred to by historians of the Roman Empire as DINOSAUR TV WEEK and send it off to the appalled members of the Dinosaur Mailing List.

Well, old Ed at the D.I.G. site asked me if he could put up the weekly findings on his site, and I naively agreed. He takes it, warps it, slaps on lots of ads trying to hawk assorted crap, and -- voila! -- you've got a webpage version of my weekly e-mail. I feel as exploited as Brittany Spears.

Anyway, the only real Dinosaur TV Week is the weekly post to the Dinosaur Mailing List, which appears in the archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List. Click on the url above, go to the current month's postings, and look for the most recent post entitled DINOSAUR TV WEEK. But if you'd like to see the same information but with lots of adverts and truly gripping information about the Flintstones and other such stuff, click on the Iguana button below:

Ed's Strange Version of Dinosaur TV Week

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